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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 19, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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timothy mcveigh, white man. >> sean: we are at war with islamic jihadists. where do they come from? saudi arabia, mideast. >> right now i'm going to take candles and a glass of champagne and i want the youngest one there to do the search. >> sean: you sound like a dirty old -- that's all the time we have left. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: she is in the finals. tonight bristol palin and her "dancing with the stars" partner mark ballsa go on the record. is the controversy getting to them? -- >> i don't pay attention. i'm focused on doing well each week. more focused on learning these dances than the controversy surrounding us. >> greta: more with bristol and mark minutes away. karl rove warning republicans not to get cocky. first attorney general mccollum about to leave office
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but still fighting the feds over health care. he just fired off a letter to whom? he joins us live. good evening. >> i'm glad to be with you. >> greta: tell the viewers to whom did you write a letter? >> to 13 new elected republican attorneys generals and governors in states and venues where we don't have them our lawsuit and we asked them to join us. we would like to ethos states join. we have 20 all together, including florida that are in this lawsuit. we think we'll get at least five more that will bring us to more than half the states. which is an objective we want to achieve and i think we can. >> greta: some of the states who got the letter are kansas, maine, ohio, oklahoma, tennessee, wisconsin and wyoming. >> right. we would like to see governor christie join in new jersey. i didn't think about going back to him again, but we will. he has not joined us. we have a few other options.
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a couple democrats might do it yet. maybe i'm a little optimistic there. it will probably be about 25, 26 when it is all over with. we'll ask them to let us plead and add them on. once sworn in that won't occur until after the first of the year. pam bondi will have to do that, she will. >> greta: you only need one you can do this all by yourself. you done need those 19 other states or the ones named in this letter. why do you -- what's the reason to go out and get them? >> first of all, there's a real test of federalism, state versus federal. we think is going to demonstrate to everybody, including the court that the states have a very big vested interest. it is obviously a big question on the individual mandate of individual rights, the constitutional battle you and i have talked about and will continue to talk about in terms of whether or not the
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government has the power to tell you or me we have to buy a product. we are involved with the medicaid program. we have a huge state interest. under the new law the stays are going to be required to put out more money. billions of dollars, we think the arguments they are putting forth now the justice department are very, very weak on this. we want to show this isn't one or two states this affects all of us. >> greta: that is almost a covert way to put pressure on the judge this is real important and send a message to the american people. it doesn't have any legal bearing. >> no. but there's a little strategy. we would prefer and i think it is better for all of us, several of these might choose to go their separate way with individual lawsuits, except for ken cuccinelli's suit in virginia because his stat --
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statute is different. >> greta: he has a statute that says you can't do that. >> the rest of the states we would like them to join in the one suit so we don't have delays, we don't have other appellate courts revying this. we want to get on to the supreme court as ex-dish ly as possible. >> greta: i -- as expeditiously as possible. >> greta: i guess as a practical matter it is a good idea if we do it in one court or two. >> even though we know it is
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>> greta: senator nice to see you, welcome back to washington. >> nice to be with you greta. >> greta: you guys are busy. taxes, what do you make of the tax situation? are we gonna get this done by the end of the year? >> looks like a lot of games played with it. harry reid trying to establish only republicans care for the rich. republicans are trying to establish at a time of a recession like this we should kick over all of the tax relief because you just don't raise taxes in the middle of a recession or a tough time like we are having now. i think we are going to have a bunch of -- we have to conclude that the thing to do is kick it over for about a couple of years.
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that means keep the tax relief alive. don't increase anybody's attacks and let's see if we can get our jobs back in order. >> greta: it appears that no one on capitol hill members of the congress, senate, democrats control the floor, [ unintelligible ] seems like the process is being gamed. about whether anything is going to happen, even the order of the votes, we've been dealing with this we've known since 2001 this was going to happen. second, as it relates to the economy it seems because the house and senate and white house has not been able to resolve our deficit, kicked it over to this bipartisan debt commission and so they are now doing the work for our government >> i don't think they will get the votes. >> they are trying. >> i think they are trying. i don't agree with all of it. there are good suggestionses. so has the domenici group.
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>> greta: does it bother you we have to ask others -- isn't this the job of the house senate and white house to do this? the fact that they have to have a commission. isn't it because they won't face the hard reality? >> you are darn right. democrats have had four years to straighten this out and do what has to be done to not have the largest tax increase in history. popped up on january 1st. now they are saying we don't have enough time. of course we do. now they are going to play games with it. i think you will see one day after another where the democrats will bring up we want to make permanent the middle class tax relief we want to hammer those who are so-called rich. the problem is, 800,000 small businesses in that so-called rich that are gonna be making over $250,000 a year they put back into business for jobs they create 70% of our jobs in this country. a lot of games are being
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played. in the end, i don't think the democrats can afford to kick this over and have taxes hit everybody the way they are about to hit them. frankly, republicans aren't going to give in. we know doggone well the best thing to do is probably kick it over for a couple of the years with the relief as it is and work it out over the next year or so in a way this will be acceptable to everybody. >> greta: another issue you came back to, health care. i understand you have filed with a number of other republican senators, a friend of the court brief in florida. >> that's right. there are now 20 states contesting the individual mandate. frankly, i think -- the individual mandate is clearly unconstitutional. under article 1, section 8 commerce clause of the constitution, in order to have that applicable you have to
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have to a substantive activity in commerce this is not an activity this is forcing people to buy something they may or may not want to buy. forcing them to buy a certain level of something they may not want to buy also if the government can do that.$(xie in other words if congress can do that to us, there is nothing the government can't do to us. this is a very important set of issues. i also believe there will be another 10 states joining now the election is over. probably before the end of the year. i hope that's true. >> greta: interesting, if that individual mandate is thrown out in florida or in virginia or missouri or any other action that might be brought. that will gut the entire bill. that's the primary funding of the health care bill. >> as you know, as you already know, i filed two bills one to do away with the employer mandate. another to do away with the individual mandate. if we could pass those two bills the democrats have to
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sit down and work out health care in a way this doesn't bankrupt the country. i con know, really anybody, you'd -- i don't know, really anybody, including many democrats who won't admit it is a disastrous bill. will cost more than it will benefit. in the end it could bankrupt the country. it could hurt this country, very, very badly. growth it sends a bad message to the american people. almost like a bad student cramming the night before the exam. i don't mean to be critical of you sir. the democrats who control the legislation going to the floor, they've go on about this and the republicans before that, since 2001. you are pushing it up to the line. >> makes you wonder doesn't it? >> greta: but the american people are waiting, asking, give us direction and do your job! >> democrats took over congress in 2006. four years they've had to
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rectify this matter. they have this god awful government controlled health care system and they know it is not going to work. if president obama is reelectbñd he's going to throw;w his hands up in the air and say it is not working we need to go to a single payer system. if we do that we deserve what we get many keep in mind, over the last two years, they've had overwhelming majorities in the house and the senate. they could have solved these problems. >> greta: we could have gone to the floor and be voted on. >> you had at democrats, what more do you need? >> greta: more with our interview. to see the entire interview go to >> more than 10,000 people executed this year by drug cartels in mexico. jennifer griffin takes you inside the cartels, next. >> bristol palin and her dancing with the stars partner mark balas go on the record.
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they've made the finals. can they handle the controversy? >> speaking of "dancing with the stars" how about president bush 43, does he think he would be on that hit show? he answers that question himself. stick around. ♪
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[ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to keep your business moving. blackberry torch now just $99.99. only from at&t. rethink possible. >> greta: make no mistake the
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drug war in mexico is escalating. who are the killers behind these cartels? jennifer griffin is bringing you the inside story. >> reporter: their tactics rifle that of al-qaeda, executions, torture, beheading, mexican core tells have skied more than 10,000 people since january, five times -- five times the number killed three years ago before president calderon deployed his military. >> the cartels don't have to work like colombia did for a middleman in florida, or texas or anywhere. they have people they know >> reporter: family and friends who move with ease across a porous border. a 40 billion dollar business divided among seven cartels. the felix organization, tee wayne that cartel based south -- or tijuana cartel based south of san diego. war with the juarez cartel south of el paso left 2300
10:16 pm
dead in juarez this year. the zetas broke away creating their own cartel earlier this year. they are former mexican special forces who went rogue estimated 200 were trained at ft. benning georgia in the early 90s. >> they were trained in operations, special operations by our best of the best and then they went back to mexico. what happened was they didn't stay with the military they defected. because the drug cartels paid more money. >> reporter: the relationship was first revealed in this video to the dallas morning news in 2005. two members of the mexican special forces admitted their role in recruiting hitmen from the military. they are an ecclectic bunch. the head uses tigers to scare enemies. shorty guzman head of the cartel made last year's forbes
10:17 pm
list of the wealthiest people. head of juarez cartel after his brother died undergoing plastic surgery. the life span of a kingpin is getting shorter. one was killed two weeks ago by the mexican military. and la barbie was arrested in mexico in august. he grew up in laredo, played football in high school, now he's facing extradition. new interrogation tape from the mexican authorities reportedly shows a cartel member saying the head of la mealia is tired and may be seeking a -- truce with the calderon government. no sign the other six cartels are ready to give up. jennifer griffin, fox news. >> greta: next, bristol palin and her partner mark ballas are here:
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. >> greta: bristol palin still dancing. the daughter of sarah palin in the finals on dancing with the stars. moments ago bristol and her partner went on the record. nice see both of you. >> you too. >> greta: are you guys excited? you are down to the finish line? >> really excited. really awesome to still be here. working really hard. started in the studio early today and doing lots of hours this week. we are super excited for monday >> greta: bristol what can you tell us about the next dance?
10:22 pm
>> it is top secret, i think it has never been done on the show hopefully it will be unique. >> greta: will you be doing the same dance as the other two couples? do you each have your individual dance? >> we all have individual dances two individual dances monday. then we have two more tuesday. >> greta: who picks these dances for you? >> the producers. >> greta: you're a little at their mercy in a sense whether you get a dance that fits your personality or how you dance, right? >> yeah. we've got our freestyle round monday then we also have a round which is called redemption. it is a dance actual judges thought you could you have done better at. so i have to -- so you have to repeat something they thought you could have been better at. >> greta: is anything like you expected? >> i never thought i would be spending this many hours at a
10:23 pm
dance studio everyday. it has been rewarding and i'm excited we are in the finale. >> greta: ever get exhausted so you feel like you can't dance another step? >> there's definitely been walls. but it has been very rewarding and mark and i like to keep it fin so it has been good. >> greta: when you are in the limelight there's always controversy. can you take the controversy and the other couples get tight. people have favorites. people are going to make accusations about who wins, who doesn't win. are you ready for the heat? >> yeah, that comes with the territory. we are just happy to be here. we have this controversy every season. people do have their favorites and get behind the people they support and love the most. you never know how it is going to map out. you can't be upset with a couple, the judges. it is down to the american vote. that's just the way it goes. if you have a favorite couple you have to pick up the phone.
10:24 pm
>> greta: how about you bristol you've been in the limelight. does it bother you or do you appreciate it just realize it is the noise of being a celebrity? >> i don't pay much attention to what is being thrown around. i'm focused on doing well each week and more focused on learning these dances than the controversy. >> greta: what do you get if you win? >> you get a really pretty miraball on a stick. >> greta: you don't get a bonus? >> no. >> greta: mark you have done this before. do you want to come back next season? >> yeah, i love doing the show. i've been a dancer my whole life. i'm really proud to be here in the finals for the third time. i'm excited to see how it goes. absolutely if they want me to come back next season, i will be back. if i come back next season it
10:25 pm
will be by 8th season. >> greta: bristol, win or lose what do you do with this? >> i know god has a lot in store for tripp and it. the show has been an awesome experience. >> greta: bristol, you are not a dancer leading up to this, right? >> definitely not a dancer. and mark had to start from scratch with me. it has been an awesome experience. >> greta: would you like to be a professional dancer from here on in bristol? >> no. i don't wanna become a professional dancer. i have more respect for dancers and performers going through this whole thing because they put a lot into it. i'm thankful that mark is my partner. >> greta: mark, you get nervous still or is this old hat for you? >> i do get very nervous before i perform anything. nothing like it. you can practice all day getting out on that floor and the crowd roaring and you hear
10:26 pm
that sound, it is like here we go! it is definitely nerve-racking but fun at the same time. >> greta: where all going to be watching it is a huge hit the show. everyone is going to be watching to see who wins this year. good luck to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> greta: next, karl rove is here. karl says not to get cocky. what does he mean? >> everyone wants to know which republicans are running for president? tonight you get answers from three of the people who are possible candidates. stay tuned. host: could switchio really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? (high-pitched laughter)
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is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪ >> greta: karl rove says republicans shouldn't get cocky. why? listen. >> president obama's weak
10:30 pm
today. we shouldn't underestimate the difficulty of defeating him 12 -- 2012. since world war ii there have been three presidents defeated for reelection two opted not to run five who sought and won. president obama may look down in the polls today and he is weak. and there's a lot of evidence that he is in a weak position for 2012. but we've got to make certain we don't take it too lightly and don't count him out it is going to be a tough uphill climb. he won't be helped by the economy. president reagan had in 1983 over 4% growth and over 7% growth in 1984. president obama's projected to have just over 2% growth next year. about 3% growth in 2012. 9% unemployment those aren't
10:31 pm
good numbers for a rousing nationwide victory but we shouldn't unestimate him. >> greta: unemployment rate trending downward steeply, doesn't the president get credit for that? the voters will be immensely impressed with a sharp downward assuming that happens. >> yeah. if a sharp downward trend happens and people credit president obama's policies, that's one thing. the problem for the president is, they don't credit the stimulus with having created jobs. i'm not certain they will credit a bill passed in 2009 with creating jobs in 2012. there's too much distance between the passage of the bill and the claimed reaction than the improvement in the economy. better economy will make it better for the president. even its own projections the omb's projections would have slightly higher growth than the university of michigan forecast which is what i used in my piece.
10:32 pm
they still believe unemployment is going to be over 9% that is going to be a horrific number for any president to try to run for reelection. particularly if you made claims you would reduce it dramatically in the first few months were you in office. better economy will mean better circumstances for the president. generally. but i don't -- 84 growth was a result of the tax cuts that president reagan signed into law. the trade off was in order to get them passed he had to delay implementation. so they only began to be effective in the latter part of 1983, early par of the 1984. we had four quarters of growth at 8, 8, 9 and 8, strong growth. because of the tax cuts. we won't see a similar effect from the stimulus bill passed last year whose effect has largely been felt at this
10:33 pm
point. >> greta: we are now focused on 2012. governor romney polling well. ahead of the pack. always sort of lurking in the background is that massachusetts health care which mirrors our national health care. national health care immensely unpopular. do you think he's polling well, because they think of a businessman, economy guy and we are in a pickle in terms of our economy -- >> well, i think he's polling wefpl but he's polling not that welcome paired to everybody else -- as i rote -- that welcome paired to everybody else. we have a genetic predisposition to say the guy who ran last time came in second or the person who served before deserves the nomination. this time we have no such front-runner. governor rom at 19% in the polls. three -- governor romney is at
10:34 pm
19% in the polls. three others are ahead of him. i think republicans were paying attention to this year's elections. only now are beginning to turn towards 2012. as they do there's a wariness where they want to say, i want to watch all these candidates see how they do over the course of 2011, before i commit to my favorite this is unusual. we typically started out with one candidate having a significantly bigger lead than governor romney early polls. because people said we want to see how these people perform. let them prove they are worthy of my support. >> greta: what do you think americans will be looking for from republicans? the republican candidate, all republicans are for small government, cut spending. they've got their mantra. they all stand for the same thing. what are people really looking
10:35 pm
for? >> well, it is interesting. they all come out of the block sort of in the same way. they all face the three same tasks. all have strengths and all have weaknesses, challenges to overcome. you could say they all need to magnify their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, meet these challenges. there's three specific tasks. the ones that do a better job are going to be the ones when we start to vote in february of 2012 in the iowa caucuses, new hampshire and south carolina primaries. these candidates who do better are going to be at the front of the pack. first and foremost, write a compelling narrative. why shouldn't it be president obama, why should it be the individual in question? what kind of vision do they have? it needs to be at times specific. other times broad based and visual. all needs to be based in principle. so people get a sense what the
10:36 pm
values and principles are on the candidate. the second task, to give people the confidence they have the decision-making, strength of character, values and leadership ability to manage the government. to occupy the most powerful office in the world, oval office in the white house. often times done more implicitly than explicitly. we are going to learn more from the unanticipated task and unforeseen question. than a deliberative attempt. people are going to take the measure. authenticity and passion are going to matter in the first two. finally, the candidate who can demonstrate they can unify the party and reach outside the party to bring people in. we saw a confident leader do that in the form of ronald reagan one of the great strengths of reagan he unified the party and was able to attract others who shared our
10:37 pm
values, but maybe not the part san label. these three tasks are most essential for every candidate. how well they do is going to decide whether they are in the competitive pool when it comes time to vote or whether they are not. >> greta: the names thrown in the pot now each has a struggle, having to overcome something on his or her tombstone that is going to be impossible to get off. how does governor romney get health care off his tombstone? how does governor palin get off her tombstone that people have criticized her for whatever they criticized her for? how do they get off the tombstone and get a fresh look? >> at the base it is less about how do you get rid of something than how do you magnify your strengths and acknowledge your challenges in a way that people will allow you to overcome them. we like confident, strong leaders.
10:38 pm
people who have vision. people who know what they believe. the more people accentuate those kind of things. we like strength. people who have a determination and willingness to say this is where i stand. this is what i believe in. here's where i'm going to plant my standard. to the degree people talk about those things and portray them with an authenticity and passion the better off they will be and more likely people disagreed with or that i've got a problem with, doesn't matter as much to me you are right every single one of them has a challenge. >> greta: the media polls poor the american people don't seem to like the media. they hate the media. how potent is the media going to be come 2012? are voters gonna say i'm going to ignore what the media is doing, going after a particular person and look myself? >> i think the media is gonna
10:39 pm
have a less of a role. i think it is going to be how candidates respond to what the media tempt that is going to determine the success of the candidate. not so much whether the media attacks it is how you handle the attacks. not so much what the media tries to play up. what you try play up. remember, 2008 is an interesting election. 2008 is the first election in the history in which people said they more of their information from the internet than from their daily newspapers. cable news channels are playing an increasingly potent role in allowing people to see the candidates up close and personal at great length and make deeper, broader more informed judgments. i think both things are going to come into play more. we know more about candidates in an uncontrolled environment, because of cable tv and the internet. candidates who understand those things and conduct their campaigns accordingly. they can't get totally away from having grass roots
10:40 pm
organizations and going. you have to go to those little places in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and shake hands because people want to see you up close before they make a determination. these things the internet and expansion of the tunes for coverage through cable tv and talk radio are gonna allow people to have a much more informed and up close view of who the candidates are. >> greta: if you want to check out karl's book courage and consequence it is now out in paper book -- paperback. next reverend franklin graham is here. he's next. >> this you have to you see. does president bush 43 think he's a better dancer than president obama? find out from president bush himself, coming up.
10:41 pm
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growth there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: a planned protest against the new full body scan could disrupt your
10:44 pm
thanksgiving travel plans. the so-called national opt-out day is scheduled for this coming wednesday the busiest travel day of the year. organizers want people to refuse the scans and choose the full pat-down instead. the pat-down takes longer in time and travel experts say lead to longer lines and even more delays. >> u.s. has successfully launched a rocket carrying multiple satellites from alaska. carrying seven satellites and 16 experiments which makes it more cost-effective. it blasted off a couple hours ago from kodiak island. defense department says the mission is meant to inspire the next generation of astronauts, engineers and scientists. i'm craig boswell. now back to on the record. >> greta: reverend franklin graham is here. his group helps need around the world. right now there's a huge crisis next door to news haiti. reverend graham joins us live. good evening reverend always
10:45 pm
nice to see you. going there is so dining room. how bad is it in haiti? >> greta, i'm an evangelist. my job is to prepare people, to meet god. i want everyone to know that god loves them and cares for them and christ died for their sins. greta, jesus christ cared for the whole person. for every person that he came to that was sick he used his power as the son of god to bring healing into their life. in haiti wave opportunity to bring healing -- in haiti we have an opportunity to bring healing. >> greta: it is cholera, how bad is that? >> a lot worse than what is being reported. right now there's about 20,000 infections. we have treated -- when i say we, samaritan's purse has been able to treat a little over 2,000. the world health organization says, they expect a 2%
10:46 pm
infection rate. that means about 200,000 people that they are expecting will be infected with cholera. you have to have an i.v. fluid call ringers lactate. it is an i.v. fluid. it takes eight bags per day for three days. you can treat cholera. you need oral rehydration salts as well to give to the person. the u.n. gives all of its resources to the haitian ministry of health. the ministry of health does not help nongovernment organizations like samaritan's purse, medicines on frontier, world vision, all these other groups that are there carrying the brunt of the work with cholera. the haitian government is holding these supplies back. there's 96,000 units of this ringers lactate in the country. the vendor that has them will not sell them.
10:47 pm
samaritan's purse we are having to lease charter flight or have charter flights, cargo planes to bring in our own i.v. fluids we are purchasing on the market here in the u.s.. they estimate that the 2% is very low. that it could be four to five percent infect rate. 5 to 800,000 people can get ininfected with coll they need 3.6 million units for 200,000. 3.6 million units of this ring ringers lactate, it is not there. the federal government and u.n. is saying they have the crisis met. greta, for what we see it is not met. if we don't -- the -- if the united states government doesn't intervene soon, we'll have a crisis just a few hundred miles from our shore. it is a crisis now but it can
10:48 pm
be contained, it can be controlled. it breaks my heart. people are dying and the government of the united states, and president obama when he -- right after the earthquake he put the airlift in. it was the right thing to do growth the president did the right thing. it saved lives. -- the military went in and cut through this bureaucracy. -- >> greta: you and i need to pend more time i wish we had mother time tonight, i know you have 300 people down there. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: we put the 2012 question to several potential republican candidates that is next. nail gun banging ] ♪ [ male announcer ] let's be honest.
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>> greta: the annual meeting of the republican governor's association was more like a meeting of possible presidential s. griff jenkins asked several governor the question everyone wants answered. -- >> reporter: governor par bouer you handed off the keys to the chairmanship, you can now run for president right? >> i said before the election november 2nd, i thought this election this year, 2010 we
10:53 pm
had to start taking our country back. because of that i wasn't going to ge any that it for running until after the election. i've abide by that. now my wife and i and family have begun to think about it a little bit to do some things. i don't feel pressure that i to decide tomorrow or next month. over the next few weeks and months i'm gonna see if there's something to seriously consider. >> reporter: is marsha, your wife behind it? >> she hasn't changed the locks yet. >> reporter: what is next, running for president? >> well, griff, a couple of things, i got book coming out in january. an opportunity to tell the story of what i've done in minnesota. after that i will decide. i may look at running in 2012. i haven't made a final decision. if not i'm going to open that margarita bar and get kenny chesney music and you come down. >> reporter: is one of those
10:54 pm
two higher in your internal polling between the bar and -- >> one is more meaningful, one would be more fun. >> reporter: i want a free drink. >> you like kenny chesney music? >> reporter: yes. you were successful in leading the republican governors in the states in an effort to halt or even repeal obamacare. your name is going to the top of those polls in the presidential 20 -- 2012, would you run? >> i have the best job as governor of texas. my goal is to make whoever is the president of the united states less influential. i'm not interested in it. my answer is no you are not going to see my name on polls. i don't allow my name to go on the list of people because i'm not interested. what i'm interested in is being a catalyst to create this national dialogue about washington, d.c., their over reaching getting the power back to the states, having the
10:55 pm
states be the laboratory of innovation. that's my life work at the moment. i'm excited about it. i'm park schtick about it. we're gonna have -- i'm passionate about. we are going to have a great two years, and a great 2012, i think. >> greta: who does president bush think is a better dancer? find out next. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomi have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae a amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the wor's energy demands.
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10:59 pm
taking him to many places including the tonight show. >> here he is... now, yeah. you danced as president. if we can just take a look at that for just a minute. now, who... who? now... as modest as you can be in your unbiased opinion who do you think is the better dancer? >> president obama. >> dithat and one of my girls called and said no wonder you're not dancing on the stars. >> republicans and democrats can agree that was funny. that is your last call.